Our Story

Ched LOVES the construction business. Not for the reasons you might think though.  Ched didn’t have a clue about how water got into a house 8 years ago. When he thought about the water system within a house he thought: “You pay the bill, turn the faucet on and water comes out!” 

If he had a leak or had to fix a pipe, he would pay someone to fix it. He always felt he was at a disadvantage with a contractor.  Someone could have charged him $500 and he wouldn’t know if that was a good deal or not.

Through a process of trusting leadership, he learned ‘hands-on’ and was able to accomplish things he never knew he could do.

“I was able to figure things out and found that really empowering.  I had NO background or infrastructure for this… I felt intelligent, I have a degree, but I didn’t have infrastructure for home repair and maintenance.”

Another eye-opening fact that Ched learned was how ‘kindness’ could impact a work scenario.

“When I first started in business, I didn’t know being nice was a marketable quality. Even in conflict, you can make your point known kindly and listen intently to the other party. Kindness can be reflected in your work. I want people to see an Uncle Ched’s truck pull up and feel peace, rest and safety.  We all tend to be a little bit skeptical but it’s not impossible to have a positive impact, even in construction!

This is best done by hearing what a client’s needs are. Valuing them. Doing hard work, with a smile, in the spirit of joy, and it may sound trite, but LOVE people."

"I have always been anxious about hiring anyone to come into my home. Ched’s team was fantastic.  There work was stellar but just having them listen to what I wanted was refreshing. I had a big graduation party and the house and yard needed to be JUST right... And it was. Thanks for helping me create a great memory!"  - Jason E.




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