Who We Serve

            The great thing about Uncle Ched’s is that we are not confined to one particular sector. We have purposely created a diverse company so that we can cater our work to fit your needs. Consequently, our diversity and flexibility allows us to serve a wide array of clients ranging from busy parents to flourishing investors. Individuals take comfort in knowing that the same dependable crew that arrives at their house every month to maintain the daunting tasks that accumulate over a given year, are the same trustworthy crew that they want to tackle the project that they have been planning on doing for years. Ultimately, Uncle Ched’s provides the confidence and peace of mind individuals desire when considering how to protect one of the biggest investments they have ever made, their home.  But perhaps even more importantly, whether you’re a home owner, agent, or investor, Uncle Ched’s provides the infrastructure to free up more of you’re time so that you can spend that time fostering your life’s biggest investment, your family. We’ll take care of your house, so that you can take care of your home.

Home Services
Everyone can benefit from home services! If you are a busy parent who desires to have more free time but can't ever seem to check off everything on your list, home services is for you. If you are retired and the physical demands of keeping up with your home have become too much to bear, home services is for you. If you are an investor who needs someone you can trust to maintain your current properties, home services is for you. Regardless of your current situation, whether you want more time, flexibility, or the ability to grow your wealth, you can benefit from home services. For more information about our home service program or to schedule a free, in-home consultation, contact us by email at ched@unclecheds.com or by phone at (615) 431-1515.

Ched and his team took care of a project that I couldn’t seem to get to.  They finished a deck that I had started, cleaned up our yard, installed an outdoor grill and made it look amazing.  I love having people over to hang out and our family loves the deck.  Thanks guys!  Shannon G.





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