Monthly Maintenance

Your home is one of your greatest investments.

Your time is your greatest asset.

Your family and friends are your greatest joys. 

At Initial Service: A full inspection and service of:

• Light bulbs and establish cost adjustment for bulb selection (cfl or LED)

• Batteries

• Assess air filters (document size and brand of HVAC units)

• Empty house vacuum container 

• Clean sink aerators

• Add freshener to refrigerator

• Inspect exterior caulk and paint

• Establish calendar for scheduled events the rest of the year

• Remind our clients that 10 hours of handy-man services is at their disposal

• Inspect and repair caulking at sinks, countertops and tubs

• Seasonal repairs and updates 

Bi-Monthly Services

• Check/Replace light bulbs (majority of replacement bulbs will be LED for energy efficiency and life of product) or offer an upgrade option from incandescent/cfl to LED

• Throughout interior and exterior of house

• Will need an additional cost depending on lighting in house

• Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to work properly

• Look for and repair settlement cracks and pops

• Replace/clean HVAC air filters on all furnaces

• Inspect and empty house vacuum system container

• Test gas fireplaces

• Inspect and repair caulking at sinks, countertops, and tubs/showers

• Clean faucet aerators (kitchen, bathrooms and laundry)

• Add freshener to refrigerator


• Inspect exterior caulking and trim -repair where needed

• Inspect and operate all windows and doors

• Replace weatherstripping where needed

Bi-Annual Services

• Inspect attic for any evidence of leaks, pests/animals, and insulation viability

• Replace drinking water filters on refrigerators

• Install hose bib covers, remove hoses and store for winter/install hoses in spring

• Clean out dryer vents

• Hedge and bush trimming 

• Brush removal

Annual Services 

• Change batteries in smoke detectors and thermostats

• Clean and repair gutters

• Pressure wash exterior of house

• Clean exterior of ALL windows

• HVAC tune up system

• Trash removal (10 yards trailer and truck) “Spring Cleaning”

10 hours handy-man services anytime of the year included with ALL contracts -just call to schedule

Additional items:

• Interior painting per room cost $350.00 or per sq footage 

• Exterior painting

• Flooring

• Remodel or renovations

• lawn care services

• Garage clean outs

• Organizational services

• Winterize pools

• House cleaning

• Floor and grout cleaning

I have time for my family now and don't feel guilty about the house. - Robbie G. 



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